Power Green Smoothie with Nutriclean Complete Greens

Market America nutriclean complete greens smoothie

This smoothie, which I’ve plafully dubbed the “little green monster,” is my favorite smoothie as of late. Especially since I’m incorporating more and more greens into my diet! Here are the approximate measurements I use:

  • Medium banana, 1 whole
  • Lite canned peaches, frozen, 1 cup
  • Canned pineapple – 1/3 cup
  • Publix Greenwise spinach – 1 large handful
  • Nutriclean Complete Greens powder – 1-3 scoops (each scoop is the equivalent of 2 servings of veggies)
  • Honey, to taste (optional)
  • Ice cubes, 1 small handful (optional)


Blend well and enjoy.


Anything But Blue

GAP ikat strapless dress (5)

Though I find myself drawn to nearly every shade of blue, my heart feels anything but. Truly, anything but. I wish you a happy Monday, a fantastic week ahead, and the daily privilege of walking in the path set before you with a happy heart (no matter the color you wear)!

P.S. Does anyone remember when Kendi rocked this same print, but wearing shorts?

Tropical Brushtrokes

gap tropical denim dress imagegap tropical denim dress image

gap tropical denim dress Rayna

Here in Florida, it’s the season for printed dresses and sleeveless everything. It surprised me how much I was attracted to this print when I came across it during a stroll through Gap. A few days later, I took advantage of the Gap friends and family promo and brought this number home with me.

Gap Cashback – 2%

Find it online – Gap Palm Print Dress

If you’re not a dress girl, this print also comes in shirt and shorts!