Lacquered Up: Pre-Summer

Motives Nail Polish Review

On me (Clockwise from top left): Motives ‘Pink Me Up‘, Motives ‘Prissy Pink‘, Motives ‘Exotica‘, Motives ‘Tahiti Surf‘, Motives ‘A Little Risque

 It never fails. With warmer temps, the urge to wear vibrant colors and deeper hues is undeniable. Just as pastels embody the essence of spring, bold & saturated colors suit the sultry vibe of summertime. I’m really digging these bold shades of Motives nail polish and plan to have them in heavy rotation throughout the coming months. This polish does what a premium nail lacquer should do. No skimping on the shine. It goes on easily and, more importantly, stays on. You can find my initial review of Motives nail polish, in this post!


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